I have decided that having a baby that outgrows things quickly makes me giddy when something that has been outgrown is recalled- I don’t have to store it AND we get our money back! WOO HOO!!

Today, I received notification in the mail that Sam’s one-piece bathing suit we bought at Costco before the Florida trip had been recalled. The zipper comes off and can pose a choking hazard to small children. Well, he wore it while in Florida and it did what we intended for it to do- protect his skin while at the beach. Since we now have other SPF-included suits for Sam and since he has outgrown this cool one-piece one, it is no big deal that it has been recalled. I feel like I checked a bathing suit out at the library since we were able to use it for free! All it will cost us is the gas to return it to Costco. WOO HOO! Here is a picture of Sam in his recalled suit. It was almost too small for him then- we couldn’t keep the legs pulled down and the sleeves were really long. It was pretty funny!

From Florida Trip

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