Ok, so I haven’t done one thing that I promised myself I would do when it comes to feeding Sam- make my own baby food. Jarred stuff is expensive and it is helping us blow our food budget each month. You would think that would encourage me to start making my own but I have always come up with “good” excuses- kitchen is too small, we are moving, kitchen isn’t set up, not sure how to do it, etc. Well, I don’t have any more excuses to throw out and will start making some this weekend. We just got back from buying 10 days worth of little jars of fruit and 1 BIG jar of applesauce for $9.02! Good grief!! This doesn’t even include to dinners and veggies in a jar that I already purchased a week ago. I follow a website (click here to visit) where the author cooked at least one meal in her crockpots every day of 2008! Holey moley! Anyway, she posted a link today on how she used to make her own baby food in the crock pot. Why hadn’t I thought of that?! Probably because I don’t use my crockpot very often, but anyway…

It sounded so easy- wash, peel, chunk, cover with water, cook, puree, freeze. That is all there is to it! Sam is getting to the point where he is supposed to be eating more solid foods. We are trying to work on that but I still need to keep the purees coming for now. So I will start with some fruit and then add some veggies. I have two crock pots (big one and little one) so I can cook two things at a time. I can totally do this. She said it usually took no more than 3 hours per batch and I am estimating I will have about 5 minutes of hands-on time. Woo hoo!

Anyway, I am going to give it a shot and I will let you guys know how it goes. That should give me an incentive to actually do it. I have the ice cube trays to freeze some and I think I will refrigerate some so that I don’t have to thaw at every meal. How long can I refrigerate cooked, peeled, diced fruit and veggies? I want to save some in pieces for Sam to practice with. Any advice?

In Sam food news, these are the solid pieces he will feed himself- Gerber puffs (will probably switch to cheerios when he runs out,) yogurt melts, hash browns (started that tonight,) and scrambled eggs. We tried the eggs again tonight and he did it- while making a hilariously funny face. It was great! Apparently, we can only put one piece in front of him at a time (unless it is the yogurt or the puffs) or he just throws them on the floor for Peeper. Our dog is going to get so fat now that Sam is learning to feed himself.

In addition the the aforementioned questions regarding refrigerating fruits and veggie pieces, I have a question about drinking from a cup. How do I switch Sam to a cup where he has to sip instead of bite a nipple to get water out. He loves water but doesn’t know how to suck out of a cup. He currently drinks from cups that if you bite on the nipple a little flap opens and the water gushes out. I bought a cup that he actually has to suck to get the water out but he can’t figure it out unless I take the plastic part that keeps it from leaking off so that he barely has to suck to get the water to come out. Any advice? Feel free to leave me a comment or email me.

In conclusion, since I’ve been talking about food in this post, I thought it appropriate to close with two pictures of Sam playing under our kitchen table. Ignore the clutter on the table, it is a catch-all right now as I try to figure out where random day-to-day items will live in the house.

From July Pics

From July Pics

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