This arrived in the mail today:

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What is it? Well, you should recall that this past January Travis was approached by LifeWay to write two articles for a reference guide for all things Sunday School related. We received our free copy today in the mail and are super excited about it. Here is the description on the back of the book,
“The How to Sunday School Manual is a compilation of short, to-the-point articles from experts and practitioners that offer practical tips and advice for organizing and leading your church’s Sunday School ministry.

This manual
– Serves as a reference guide for the person expected to know how to administer an effective Sunday School;
-Gives you practical actions you can take for planning, leading, and evaluating your Sunday School;
-Provides all the forms and tools needed to complete the actions outlined.

A CD-ROM is included that features electronic forms that support the articles included, a recommended reading list, and 5 books written by David Francis.”

Needless to say, there is A LOT of information crammed into this book. Travis’ articles are on pages 169 and 179. If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself, you can visit your local LifeWay Christian Bookstore or click here to be taken to the book on the LifeWay website where you can order it. It costs $14.95 which might seem kind of steep but, remember, it comes with a CD-ROM with all the forms you need and some other books. WOO HOO! Perhaps, if you ask nicely, Travis will autograph pgs. 169 and 179.
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