**Warning- this is not for the people who get grossed out easily!!!**

My parents gave Sam a battery operated nasal aspirator (from now on referred to as a boogie monster) for Christmas. It is awesome!! Sam developed an ear infection and chest congestion shortly after we arrived in Mississippi. Now that we have finished all the meds, Sam now has some residual nasal congestion. He went to the doctor for his 15 month check-up this past Wednesday and the doc isn’t concerned about the drainage since it is mainly white or clear. However, we do have to get it out of his nose to prevent him getting sick again. That is where this cool new gadget comes into play. We have been using this boogie monster once daily this week. His congestion is at its worst in the mornings and we don’t want to risk inflaming his nostrils by using this high-powered boogie monster too much. The pamphlet said it can cause nosebleeds if used too often. Anyway, this morning, he was exceptionally congested before we used the boogie monster. Now, his nostrils are free and clear and we can’t hear any sign of congestion when he breathes! What we sucked out in MAYBE 2 minutes would have probably taken us hours or days of sucking out with the normal bulb boogie monster.

Because it is my blog and I can do what I want with it, I am posting pictures. However, I am warning you again, it is GROSS and if you get grossed out easily, stop reading NOW!

This is what it looked like after we had sucked all the snot out.

From Boogie Monster

Here is a better picture (albeit MUCH GROSSER) picture of what we managed to get.

From Boogie Monster

If you are now thoroughly disgusted, I am just reiterating that I warned you.

Anyway, we love this new boogie monster and will be recommending it to all of our friends with babies. It plays music to try to help comfort the child while their brain, I mean snot, is being sucked out. It doesn’t really help with Sam- he screams anyway. However, because this thing can get it all out with much more efficiency than the traditional bulb, Sam doesn’t scream for long. My mom is pretty sure she bought ours at Wal-Greens but I am sure you could probably find them at Wal-Mart, CVS, Babies R Us, etc. I don’t recall ever seeing one at Target but I could be mistaken.