I have been getting into “couponing” lately. I have never really had a “big” coupon grocery shop though. I’ve been mainly using coupons as I find items that we need- not planning my menus around sales and coupons. I have gotten some free and significantly cheaper items this way though. Well, with Harris Teeter doing triple coupons this week, I thought I would take the plunge and ONLY buy items I had applicable coupons for or that were on a good sale. I also got milk seeing that our Samster drinks that daily. My groceries totaled $88.54 but I spent $30.44! That is a savings of $58.10!!! I am so proud of myself. Here is a picture (what’s a blog post without a picture?) of my groceries.

From March 2010

They will only triple 20 coupons a day so I am going to check tonight and see if I can locate all my veggie coupons for those microwave steamer bags and try to go back tomorrow and get some of those. We LOVE those things in our house. Quick veggies and a good variety in each bag AND since the Samster loves his veggies, we try to keep them in stock in our freezer. Tonight, I will be grilling 3 chicken breasts that I bought today. They are marinating in an asian salad dressing now- yummy!! Sam did GREAT grocery shopping. He entertained himself the whole time in his two-seater buggy with steering wheels. He drove both wheels at the same time. Such a talented boy! HA HA!