Okay, I read EVERYWHERE about how people save oodles of money at CVS with coupons and their Extra Care Bucks program. However, they are always buying stuff that I never rarely use (i.e. make-up.) Therefore, I have never seen the point in my frequenting the store. Until tonight…

I had 4 coupons (3- $.50 & 1- $1) for Dawn dish soap. I originally stopped at Wal-Greens because they have theirs on sale for $.99. However, they only had 1 that I had a coupon for so I didn’t buy any. I knew that CVS also had theirs on sale for $.96 so I headed there after I bought some diapers that were on sale at Target. I get to CVS and head to the dishwashing detergent to see if their selection was like Wal-Greens. It kind of was- until I looked behind some of the detergent and found 3 bottles of the one I had 3 coupons for. So I grab those 3 and one other one and head to the register. On the way to the register, I passed a clearance bin that had the large boxes of Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues in it for $.50. I thought, “hmm… that is a REALLY good deal, but Travis doesn’t get paid until Thursday so I am still going to hold off because I didn’t come here for tissues.” I get to the register, buy my soap, and receive a mile-long receipt. I get out to the car and start looking at my receipt and noticed that I earned $3.50 in ECBs! That wasn’t advertised ANYWHERE so it completely struck me by surprise. Now my thought about the kleenexs changed to, “Hey, now they are free- I’m going to get them.” I head BACK into CVS, grab a buggy, and grab the last of the Kleenex boxes- there were seven, which also happened to equal my ECBs so I would just have to pay tax. I get to the register and the guy tells me they are $.25!! WOW! This left me with $1.75 left of ECBs to “spend” so I remember that their store-brand Craisins were on sale. I head over there and grab 2 bags because they were 2/$3. I get back to the register and check out. In a futile attempt at creating some blog suspense, you can see my final totals below the picture.

From April 2010

Trip 1
3 Dawn Dishsoap with Olay “hand fixing stuff” $.96 (before coupons)
1 Dawn Dishsoap $.96 (bc)
Total: $3.84
Coupons: $2.50
Total Out-of-Pocket: $1.64 (and got back $3.50 ECB)
Trip 2
7 Kleenex Anti-Viral $.25 (NO IDEA how much they are normally- I will check at Target and update later)
2 CVS “Craisins” $3
Total: $4.75
Coupons: $3.50 ECB
Total OOP: $1.35

Grand Out of Pocket Total: $2.99
Total saved (including coupons and ECB & will update when I find out the regular price of the Kleenex): $11.10

In funny Sam news, we took Sam to a friend’s house yesterday afternoon for an Easter egg hunt. When we left, his little face was red because he was so hot. We stopped at the gas station to get a little push-water and I ran in and grabbed Sam some cooler water to drink than what was in his sippy cup. He loves this MOPS sports bottle I constantly drink out of, so I thought I would “surprise” him with his own sports bottle. When I gave it to him, his face lit up and he smiled SO BIG, then closed his eyes and started chugging…

From April 2010

Doing a happy dance,