and Sam is having a blast!

I FINALLY found his sunglasses (they had fallen in a crack in the trunk of the van) and so he has loved being reunited with them again. We were all going somewhere yesterday and Travis scored a picture of Sam acting cool with his glasses on.

From June 2010

Tonight, we took our Equinox through a car wash. We hadn’t done it since returning from Mississippi and it BADLY needed to have to sand washed off. I will be so glad when the post-Katrina road work will be complete down there so our car can stay much cleaner- I am sure my parents would agree, too! Anyway, we think this might have been the first time Sam has gone through a car wash. I can’t remember if he ever slept through one as an infant. Regardless, this was the first one where he was aware of what was going on and let me tell you something- he did NOT like it. He got freaked out right at the beginning and just kept crying and reaching for our hands. I will probably go down in the record books as the world’s worst mother but, instead of trying to console my son, my first thought was “I gotta get a picture of this!” Ooops!! Thankfully, Travis stepped in and helped with the consoling. Here are a couple of pictures from the car wash.

This one was right near the beginning…

From June 2010

This was almost at the end…

From June 2010

Apparently, we don’t need to take either of our boys through a car wash. Peeper is TERRIFIED in them as well. Oh well, I find them very relaxing- except when there is a crying toddler in the car with me.

This morning, Sam and I went to church so I could set up some stuff for the nursery Sunday. After we left we went by the Dollar General to pick up some milk and a couple of other items. One of those items was a bubble blower. It is SO cute. It is a little alligator and you put his tail (it’s a handle) and he opens his mouth and out come the bubbles- TONS OF THEM! While I was finishing up some stuff in the guest room tonight, Travis and Sam played with the bubbles in the backyard. Sam had a blast so I took a break and made a little video. Enjoy!