We took a little trip today to the new IKEA store in Charlotte. We had never been and I had a couple of items I wanted to pick up for Sam. One of these items was an artist smock so I don’t have to keep taking Sam’s clothes off when he colors with markers. When we got home, we let him play in it. He was such a cutie and he really liked it. Here is a picture of him playing with his fridge phonics while wearing his smock.

From July 2010

We had spaghetti for supper and normally I take Sam’s shirt off while he eats it because he gets sauce all over his shirt- especially when he does the sign language for “please” (his newest sign.) I got an idea while cooking supper that Sam could just wear his artist smock and wouldn’t have to take his shirt off. It worked GREAT! Now we can get double use out of his smock. I joked during dinner that if I had known we would be using it as much as it looks like we will be, I should’ve gotten two. Oh well… I guess I will just have to go back. 🙂

Below is proof of how “messy” spaghetti can be. I realize that on the scale of “baby messes” Sam is a major neat freak. However, when your washing machine doesn’t spin and you won’t be able to wash clothes until potentially after July 7th (when the repairman cometh,) you take every precaution to minimize stains. I wish you could see the rest of his smock. He has noodles stuck to it and a couple of tomato chunks.

From July 2010

After supper, Travis rinsed the smock off in the kitchen sink and it is now drying in the guest bathtub- super easy clean up!!

Have a great night and a Happy 4th of July!!!