Sorry for the crude reference to Lord of the Rings in my title for this post. However, I FINALLY went back to ALDI for groceries this week. For some reason, I LOVE this store but never convince myself that it is worth driving that far into Raleigh to grocery shop. I really think I am going to try to convince myself to change my mind about that though. Soon. I love the simplicity of the store- 4 aisles, large price tags immediately above the items, not a lot of fancy variety so that decisions are quick, the fact that I have to insert a quarter into a lock to get my buggy, and bring my own bags. For some reason, I just love all of that.

Sam and I made the trip this morning. I spent $40 and got everything I need for meals this week and some extra little snacks and such. WOO HOO!! Their meat is so much more affordable than other places and it always looks and tastes fresh so I assume there is nothing wrong with it. HA!

I anticipate at least posting pictures of our dinners this week. I might include the recipe. I can tell you they all come from e-mealz which I subscribed to for awhile to get a good stockpile of ALDI recipes. I love that program, so if you need very affordable menus, recipes, and grocery lists already compiled then you NEED to check e-mealz out. It is super cheap too. They have tons of different menus you can subscribe to- various health related ones, specific stores, specific family size, budget needs, etc. Check them out…

Anyway, I plan on posting the pictures because I am trying to get my favorite e-mealz recipes loaded into my YummySoup database as well. This will make menu planning quicker since I can just search for e-mealz recipes and pick and choose to make my menu instead of sorting through various PDF menus that I have downloaded from e-mealz and saved to my computer.

I am “resting” in bed right now during nap time, so I don’t have my menu with me. However, I will attempt to tell you what is on it. I can’t remember the order in which I plan on cooking but, you will have a general idea and that is more than I have posted on here in a long time. 🙂 We will be having teriyaki pork tenderloin, creamy crockpot chicken, homemade cheeseburger pizza, and beef tips and egg noodles. We have a Sunday School fellowship one night so that takes care of that meal and I have leftovers figured in as well. All in all, that should feed us for the week. Yummy!