Tonight’s supper was so good that we decided to buy TWO tenderloins the next time I make it so Sam can have one all to himself! He DEVOURED the pork, and the carrots, and the mashed potatoes, but mainly the pork. I am still in shock over how much he ate. E-mealz always gives you a main dish and sides in their menus each week. Sometimes I do the sides but, most of the time I do my own sides in an attempt to make the meal even cheaper. That was the case tonight. The menu wanted me to bake some pineapple something or another but I didn’t want to buy all the extra ingredients or have two things baking at once. I still haven’t used our big oven since we got the bigger toaster several months ago. HA HA!! Therefore, that is why we had carrots and mashed potatoes.

This dinner was ridiculously easy. I got a 1 lb. pork tenderloin already in a teriyaki marinade from Aldi for somewhere around $3.50 (I told you they were CHEAP) and put it on my Pampered Chef medium bar pan (I always feel like I am doing a commercial when I type that) and threw it in the oven on 350F for 20 minutes. However, when the time was done, the meat still looked raw so I cooked it another 20 minutes. At the end of that 20 minutes, Travis stuck our meat thermometer in it and it registered that it was well done. Therefore, we didn’t cook it anymore- duh! It was DELICIOUS and tender and juicy- simply perfect-o!

From August 2010

The mashed potatoes were my version of “instant” mashed potatoes. I bought a $1.xx bag of diced potatoes advertised as hash browns. Instead of frying them, I boiled them until they were done, added milk, butter, cheese, and parsley and, voila!, real mashed potatoes in half the time!!

The carrots were from Angel Food a couple of months ago. Travis diced, blanched, and froze them in little baggies so I just thaw, cook, and go whenever we have them.

Well, that is it for dinner tonight. It was so ridiculously easy and yummy. We will DEFINITELY do this meal again.