Ha! I wish I had an iPhone! Oh, the things I could do… however, it doesn’t fit in the budget so I will be happy with not having internet access with me wherever I go. For the most part the apps I will share don’t require Internet to use. If they did, I wouldn’t use them often enough to be classified as “favorite apps.” I got this idea of sharing my favorite/ most used apps from my friend, Beth. She recently posted about some of her favorite apps here and here. I will probably review some of the same apps that she did but, since I know we don’t have the same readership they will be totally to some of you. These will work on both the iTouch and the iPhone (for those lucky enough to have that- HA!)

Here are my top 10:
1. Budget Touch ($5.99)- this is probably the most expensive app on my iTouch. However, it is used D.A.I.L.Y! I have the desktop version, Budget, on my mac and rejoiced GREATLY when they FINALLY came out with a mobile version. The program operates on the envelope-budgeting system. When Travis gets paid, I have a paycheck “profile” that I activate and it funds my various envelopes so that we have money to spend. Then as we spend money, I enter the transaction into whichever envelope it applies to. Now that they have a mobile version, I can update on the go instead of saving all of my receipts and trying to remember to do it before bed. I have been using the desktop version for 4 years but every now and then I would get SO behind in updating that it was a lot easier to just delete everything and start over. The new mobile version was released this past January and I am proud to announce that I haven’t deleted and started over this entire year! It is so convenient. The two programs will sync with each other or either bluetooth or wireless networking so I can easily keep them both updated. I love this program!!!!!

2. Grocery IQ (FREE)- I don’t do paper and pencil grocery lists anymore. This app allows me to set up multiple stores (i.e. Target, Aldi, Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter, CVS, etc.) and plug in items to get based on the store. It also has a general “any store” list so that I can just stick items I need on it and get them wherever I am. A recent release has even started allowing me to input prices in as I buy things. Honestly, I never used that feature until this past week at Aldi. It was kind of neat. Since Aldi never has sells and seldom changes their prices, I plan on using the price feature more often at this store so I can get a more exact idea of how much groceries will cost before I go in. The menu that I use lists prices for Aldi items but they are two years old and aren’t exact anymore. Travis even likes this app because he can stick to a list and walk around looking “cool” checking things off our grocery list on the iTouch. I put “cool” in quotes because I think it is relative when you are a guy walking around with an iTouch incased in pink rubber. HA HA!

3. CardStar (FREE)- I don’t have those annoying membership tags on my keys anymore thanks to this app. It allows me to select the store that I have a tag for (from Harris Teeter to the Wake County Library System), then input the barcode number. It creates the barcode on my iTouch and saves it. Now, when I go to stores and use my membership card, I just open that store’s page in this app and the cashier scans it. Usually, they have to use the scan gun but that might be because I have a screen protector that darkens the screen a little. I think it has just naturally scanned once.

4. ToodleDo ($3.99)- I downloaded this when they were running a special and made it free. However, now that I have used it some I would probably still use some of my spending money and pay $3.99 for it. It is a neat app. It helps to keep up with various lists/tasks/projects that I have going on. For example, I am keeping our Christmas lists on here and as I get items, I will mark them off. You can set up deadlines and so as the deadline approaches the “importance” of your list is bumped up and it will give you little reminders on your iTouch that you have something coming up. Once I can get my head around what/when I am going to do something for Sam’s birthday, I plan on creating a list for that so I don’t forget anything. If you create an account online with ToodleDo, you can also sync to that online account via wi-fi and so your stuff will be available online as well. I haven’t done that so I don’t know how well that would work.

5. iHome+Sleep (FREE)- When Travis went to Tampa a few weeks ago, I had to set an alarm to get up to so that I could make sure that Sam and I made it to swim school on time. I don’t like Travis’ alarm clock because I have this innate ability to completely turn it off without waking up. Therefore, it doesn’t work for me. I found this free app and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. You create a “card” depending on when you want the alarm to go off. I have mine set up for M-F at 6:01am (seems better than 6:00- HA!) If I need to set an alarm for another time, I just create another card. You can also choose what you wake up to. The app comes with a lot of different sounds but, the thing I like best, is that I can wake up to a song I have on my iTouch. I chose to wake up to Anthony Burger’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” I love Anthony Burger and it is a miracle if I get up without hitting snooze so I think it is a perfect fit. If you are a snoozer, like me, it has that feature too. If you are a stats person, like Travis, you can even view the average number of snoozes you do. I usually do 3 and I have my iTouch in the bathroom so that means I get out of bed, “hit” snooze, climb back in bed three times. I am getting better but getting up is just hard for me. HA HA! If you have iHome speakers and such, it will work with those systems too. We do but I haven’t tried it because then I wouldn’t have to climb out of bed to hit snooze.

6. Child Vaccine Record ($4.99)- I am pretty sure I didn’t pay $4.99 for this app. However, it would also be worth it, in my opinion. I like the portability of having Sam’s immunization records with me wherever I am. It helps me figure out what he still needs and what I delayed. He is now up-to-date but it really helped when I was postponing vaccines like the MMR and Chicken Pox. I still think I would rather him just catch chicken pox but that is a post for another day. This app allows me to create a person (Sam) and enter in when he gets his vaccines. It has it organized by age, so I know that at 6 months he is supposed to get ___, ___, and ___ shots. It is handy. You can also create custom vaccines and vaccine schedules so that if you travel abroad you can enter those vaccines or if you veer far from the AAP’s vaccine schedule recommendation you make it less confusing for you but setting up your own. I was cheesy and did one for our dog, so I could keep up with when he needs his rabies, bordetella, distemper, etc. shots. Travis thought I flipped my lid when he found out I did that- he is probably right.

7. My Family Food (.99)- I used this app for the first time last night. It is pretty cool. You can set up different profiles and depending on their sex and age it will create a customized chart showing how many servings of various food groups/vitamins that person should be eating each day. It also will tell you how big a serving size is. When you complete your servings for an item each day, you get a medal. Cheesy and cool all at the same time. I have only set up a profile for Sam because I am always curious as to how much our little piglet is supposed to eat each day. I will eventually set up a profile for me as well. I am just trying to learn it by keeping up with Sam.

8. ICE ($2.99)- Wow! This app was free when I downloaded it. However, I feel that it is that important of an app to make it worth paying for it. ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency” and that is what this app is for. You create a profile of yourself with contact information, photo, allergies, blood type, medications, etc. so that if you were in an accident and unable to communicate with medical help they will know vital information. Supposedly, EMT workers make it a habit to rummage through purses and such to look for ID and so they should find this app. Thankfully, I have no experience with that but I feel like this is nice to have just in case. If you have an iPhone this app is especially helpful because the EMT can just touch the phone number listed for your contact person and your phone will call them. Pretty cool. I actually have this one stored in the little permanent dock on the bottom of my iTouch screen so there is no hunting for it.

9. HandyLevel Free (FREE- duh) This is a no-frills digital level. It is just kind of fun to mess with every now and then. We used it when we hung our Montreal panorama and it worked well. It is VERY sensitive so when it says something is level, trust me, it is. 🙂

10. C25K ($2.99)- This is a training program for getting a person from being a couch potato to running a 5K in 9 weeks. I have used it for a total of 2 weeks (and that was back in January) and I could tell in those two weeks that my physical conditioning was improving. However, my knees started hurting badly so I stopped and I haven’t used it since. 😦 My intent is to start it back but I have to stop hitting snooze in my #5 app first! UGH! Anyway, this app will tell you when to walk and when to run. You can listen to music on your iPod and it will just break in whenever it needs to to tell you to do something. When you are finished, you have the option of posting your workout to facebook (this would require a Wi-Fi connection if you don’t have an iPhone) so that others can know what you are doing. It will also save your workout, tell you when you are halfway over, and a few other cool things that I can’t remember right now. It is a neat app.

Anyway, that is it for now. I think I might do another one of these posts and share the apps that Sam uses on my iTouch- he has his own “folder.” HA HA! Check out some of these apps because I think they are great and they help me simplify my life by keeping everything all in one place. Which is so nice on those days when I can’t remember if I brushed my teeth or not- maybe there is an app for that. HA HA!!!