What is a Puggle? Well, a Puggle is a baby platypus. It is also the name of the youngest group of Awana kiddo’s at our church. Sam is a Puggle this year and, from what we can tell, he seems to be enjoying it. We had nursery duty tonight so we “spied” on him a bit. 🙂
Apparently, Puggles get t-shirts. Who knew?! We sure didn’t until Sam came home with one in his diaper bag. I saw him wearing one during class but just thought it was something he wore while there. It is cute! When we got home, I had to take pictures of our cute Puggle. The crazy thing is that our NOT YET 2 YEAR OLD is wearing a shirt that is sized as a 5T!! Man, we grow ’em big around here. Sure the shirt is a little big but not too much. Craziness!!

Here Sam was letting us in on the secret Puggle gang sign. Thankfully, none of his other Puggle friends can read so they will never know he told. 🙂

From August 2010

Here he was cheesin’ for the camera. He KNEW I was trying to get a picture so he would look at me and QUICKLY dart his eyes towards Travis so I couldn’t get a picture of him looking straight at me. I think he was also “showing” us his teeth. Silly boy.

From August 2010