Let me preface by saying that I don’t bake a lot. Or a little. Or at all. Please take that into consideration and “dumb down” any advice you have. Now, onto my problem…

Ok, I want to make Sam a cookie cake for his birthday this year. I have never made one before but figured that baking a big cookie wouldn’t be that difficult since I have baked regular cookies before. We are going to a cookout this evening and so I thought that this would be a great time to “try” my idea out so that other people could share in the cookie and we not eat the whole thing. I think I did something wrong. Therefore, if you have ANY IDEA what I did wrong please tell me so I can figure this out before Sam’s birthday.

Travis made the pre-made store bought cookie dough-in-a-tube into a big ball. Then rolled it out flat on a stone (which is what I normally bake cookies on, btw.) I preheated the oven to 375 and set the timer for 9 minutes. The tube the dough came in recommended 9-11 minutes and things tend to cook faster in my toaster oven so that is why I did 9 minutes.

After 9 minutes, my cookie cake looked like this…

From September 2010

Therefore, I took it out since the top was soo brown and it looked scrumptious. I let it sit on the stone for a little while until I thought that I should probably put it on a cooling rack so that it could cool adequately. Therefore, I tried flipping it onto the cooling rack by laying the cooling rack on top of the cookie and then flipping the whole thing over. When the cookie didn’t fall off, I thought “hmm.. that’s weird” and I flipped everything back. This is what I saw…

From September 2010

I hadn’t placed any “weight” on the cooling rack so all the lines are due to the cookie not being fully cooked?! Here is a closer look…

From September 2010

There is still raw dough in there!

How do I make a cookie cake that fully cooks without burning the top? Please help!!