Today seemed to be the day that Sam decided to explore “new” toys. He played with all sorts of things that he normally doesn’t even notice- couch cushions, his “time out” chair, broom and dustpan (w/o me getting it out for him), and clothes hangers.

Apparently, it is really cool to hang clothes hangers from the drawer knobs on my dresser. Who’d a thunk it?! I was hanging up clothes and noticed that my hanger pile was quickly diminishing. I also noticed that Sam was super quiet. This usually means that he is doing something he shouldn’t. Today, he was just learning about hangers and how they work.

From September 2010

A closer look…

From September 2010

At one point, he had two hangers hanging from all the knobs and on each knob the hangers faced each other so the “hooks” made a circle. I should’ve taken a picture of the final product but I was trying to get all of the clothes hung up. Oh well…

Here is another crazy thing that has been occurring around our house lately…

From September 2010

Sam will sit on his potty and just “hang out” as long as his shorts and diaper are on. Take them both off and he will have NOTHING to do with it. HOWEVER, when he does #2, 9 out of 10 times he tells me by coming up and holding himself. Also, after #1, he will try to get to his room or find a diaper and bring it to me. I know he knows what is going on but I don’t know how to get him to not scream, kick, and slide off the potty when he is on it with a naked booty. Any suggestions?