Such a strange title for such a silly boy.

I found a no-sew Halloween costume from Parenting Magazine and thus used it to make Sam’s costume for this year. I wanted to have it finish early so that we could get pictures, get them back, and get used to wearing it all before Halloween actually arrives. This year Sam is going to be… a BLT SAMwich!!! HA HA! I am so cheesy! We finished it Saturday morning which was great seeing as how he had an appointment that evening for pictures at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has started posting the pictures in an online album so that you can order more prints if you would like. I just checked to see if his had been uploaded and they have!! Therefore, I am posting “the one” below. It is too cute!

From September 2010

Sam is the bacon in the Samwich in case you are wondering. I was so excited when I scored a brown shirt at Goodwill for $2.79! I was trying to make this outfit on a budget and I succeeded!! Granted, his pants were the most expensive item ($10) but he needed a pair of khakis and will wear them long after Halloween is over- so I am not counting it. HA! We got the foam (bread and tomato) at Joann’s using 40% off coupons so they were $2.xx each, the gloves were in the $1 area of Target so they totaled $4 for 4 pairs, the craft spray paint was also acquired at Joann’s using a 40% coupon so it was also $2.xx, the felt (bread crust, straps, and ties) was $.60 at Joann’s for 2 sheets. WOO HOO for cheap costumes!!

As for Sam, he LOVES wearing it. I think it freaked him out a bit at first but after he figured out how to maneuver in it, he started having fun wearing it.

As for the wedgie… Travis was getting Sam ready for bed tonight and called me in there to show me Sam’s wedgie. It was hilarious and I am SO THANKFUL that he didn’t have a dirty diaper or we would’ve had a mess on our hands. Check him out…

From September 2010

He has such a cute tushie. He is totally going to kill me when he gets older and sees that I posted this. HA HA!!