From September 2010

We took Sam to the doctor for his two year check-up this morning. I have always known he was a large toddler but it was definitely proven today. He is in the 95th percentile for weight and height (FYI- he has been in the 95th percentile his entire life except for about 3-4 months where his weight dropped to 80th when he first started walking.) This ranking means he is bigger than 95% of children his age!! Yes, we have a mini- “giant” and his name is Sam. He measured 36.5 inches tall. However, we think he is a bit taller because the thing placed on his head caught him off-guard so he kind of ducked a bit. He weighed (standing on the big kid scale- yay!) 35.5 pounds. The chart they gave us also reported his BMI and it was right around 19 which is in the healthy, normal limits for a child his age. At this rate, he will be as tall as me when he starts kindergarten! That would be hilarious! He also has inherited my big feet. He is QUICKLY outgrowing his size 8 shoes and is almost about to need size 9 shoes. We have friends with children older than Sam who still haven’t even gotten to size 7 shoes!

In other check-up news, he passed all other developmental tests with flying colors, except for speech. We were expecting that. However, looking back at 6 months ago he now has close to 15 signs he does on a consistent basis (including 3 word sentences!) and can clearly say, juice frequently. He can tell you what sound a dog makes (he growls) and a cow (he moos.) He will do a wing-flapping sign for “bird” and squeeze his nose when asked what a pig says. His FAVORITE sign is to ask to see the “fish” in the aquarium on my iPod. He also has started saying Mama although the majority of the time I am “ya-ay”- which we originally thought was referring to my mom but have figured out it was actually directed towards me. He says “Mine” and points to himself so we know he understands that word. You can ask him how old he is and he olds up two fingers. He hums the tunes to all the songs on this Thomas the Tank Engine book he received for Christmas. You can even sing or ask for a specific song and he pushes the correct button to make that song play. Sam can put his entire alphabet puzzle together all by himself. You can point to a “hole” and ask him to find the letter that goes there and he does. He can also pick up some of the letters and tell you, via sign language, what picture it goes with. Therefore, he is learning to associate letters which is GREAT.

We still have to work on the verbal communication but that will come. It has only been 3 weeks since he had tubes put in his ears and already he has added the cow noise and “mine” to his vocabulary. I am sure more will come soon. Speaking of tubes, I’ve been wondering what color tubes he has and today when the doc was checking him out she told him that he had the prettiest Carolina Blue tubes she had ever seen. Now I know… our little cajun Tarheel! HA!!

Tonight, we will take him to Red Robin to finish out our family celebration of his birthday. Hopefully, I will get that post up tonight.