anything. However, this post is all about Halloween decorations, or almost lack thereof, in our house. I subscribe in my google reader to a website called Dollar Store Crafts. It is pretty self-explanatory. She posts crafts using things that you can buy at the Dollar Tree (mainly.) I enjoying crafting but I am not creative enough to come up with stuff on my own. Therefore, I have to “steal” ideas from other people and modify them since I feel guilty for completely copying their idea. Case in point, the current wreath on our front door. You can see the original one here. I thought it was kinda cool, albeit a bit creepy, so I decided I would “steal” the idea. Off the the Dollar Tree I go…

Upon arrival, I learn that our store didn’t have any of the 18″ straw wreath forms that you are supposed to use. Immediately, I panic because I don’t know what to do now. I just knew that going to a craft store was out of the question because they would be more expensive there. The panic didn’t last too long because I stumbled upon some fairly well hidden 9″ wreaths. No problem, I thought- I would just need 1/2 the supplies because my wreath will be 1/2 the size.

So then I go to the bath scrubber section because that is what the wreath is made of (pretty cool, huh?) and manage to grab the last TWO orange bath scrubs- definitely glad my wreath was only 9″ because I would’ve needed 4 scrubs to the do the original size.

Then I wander around trying to find the black garland. I can’t find the hairy yard stuff she used so I get black tinsel that had white skulls hanging off of it. I decided I could just cut the skulls off the length that I use and it will be no big deal.

Now, I am trying to find the skull to glue on the bottom of the wreath. Don’t ask why I was looking for a skull- I don’t know… other than the fact that I am not a crafty substitutioner. Yes, I just made that word up. I can’t find the big gigantic skull so I decide to get a bag of miniature skulls. Again, I am not thinking and not remembering that we don’t do scary.

I also grab some fall ribbon because the directions want me to make a bow and glue it at the bottom to help hide the fact that the bath scrubs don’t meet each other.

That night, I make the halloween wreath and glue a plethora of little bitty skulls along the bottom of the wreath since I couldn’t find a big one. Looking back, I am sure I could’ve just used a pumpkin, gourd, bat, etc. But, oh well…

I am kind of proud of it because I made it and it looked fairly decent. I show Travis and he didn’t like it at all. I finally convinced him to let me hang it ONLY on Halloween. However, I was secretly trying to figure out how to fix the UBER-CREEPINESS of the skulls. I don’t do scary. I have an overactive imagination and the slightest scary thing completely wigs me out. Therefore, I never took a picture of the wreath because I didn’t want to see the wreath on my screensaver and get scared. HA!

I am kind of telling my mom about the wreath and she mentions that she has a TON of Halloween beanie babies. She brought a few with her to Sam’s party and, after removing creepy skulls, we play around with the adorable ghost beanie baby. It fit perfectly on the wreath and so I glued it to it and then hung it up. This wreath is so adorable that it has been given permission to hang on our door the entire month!! It is also so adorable that I just smile whenever I see it because it is cute and not scary.

Here is my wreath.

From October 2010

It cost me $6 (counting the skulls) since I didn’t have to pay for the beanie baby- thanks, Mom!!

I have some other decorations but I will probably not get them out. It would involve digging around in my attic to find them since they have been packed up for years- I didn’t decorate at all last year. These decorations were bought at Kmart after Halloween one year while we still lived in New Orleans and consist of kitchen-type items (towels, placemat, indoor rug, etc.) that just have candy corn on them. Again, we don’t do scary. Never have. Never will. That rule applies to costumes, too. I don’t have a problem with Sam dressing up for fun but I don’t want it to be something scary/demonic/disgusting. That, to me, makes Halloween more scary and less fun.