Sam and I just returned from eating our lunch with Travis. It has been raining so I just sat this beside our door…

From October 2010

“What is that, Stephanie?”

Well, I am glad you asked. It is a shoe drying rack!! Aren’t I just creative?! I had an old baking pan (the correct name is slipping away at the moment) and a cookie cooling rack (don’t worry- I have 3 so we won’t eat something off of this one) that I stacked together. Then I put our shoes on it…

From October 2010

Now our shoes can dry and I not have annoying wet grass all over the kitchen floor!! WOO HOO!! You should try it- especially if you aren’t blessed with one of those awesome “mud rooms” in your house. If you are blessed with a mudroom, please know that I am jealous. HA HA!
PS- please keep reading, I just posted a hilarious video this morning.