Travis and I went to Montreal this past June. We THOUGHT we left Sam with my mom, grandma, and grandpa. Apparently, we had a stow-away. See if you can find him in the picture below…

From October 2010

Do you see him?!

Maybe this will help…

From October 2010

Do you see him now? I hope so!

Now that you have found him go back to the top picture and look again.

Is that not super-crazy-amazing?!

I was uploading Build A Bear pictures tonight and writing that blog post (see below) when I just happened to glance at my digital photo frame. It varies in its photo transitions and one of them is a SUPER SLOW fade in/out. Apparently that is what was going on when I looked. A picture of Montreal had faded in faster than the previous picture of Sam faded out. Therefore, it looks like there are clouds in the Montreal picture and Sam was in the clouds. In actuality, those “clouds” are pumpkins and Sam was sitting in the midst of them last weekend at Hill Ridge farms.

I hope you have enjoyed this crazy picture- I know I have!