Say the title to this post 5 times fast.

Did it make you laugh? I always do. I think Chiquita Banana is funny. I am weird though. 🙂


We went to Harris Teeter after lunch one day this week so that I could get their “Meal Deal” of the week. This is when you buy the main dish (this week a Stouffers entree) and then you get 3-4 other items free. This week I got a 2 liter coke, steamfresh veggies, and brown n serve rolls for free. I parked and headed on in so I could get in and out quickly. Travis and Sam came in after me with the buggy. I was wondering why it took so long for them to get in though.

Turns out, the Chiquita banana people were there giving out samples of a new smoothie. I turned them down and kept walking. Travis and Sam stopped. They had a camera set up with a Chiquita backdrop and were taking pictures. They told Sam that if he would let them take his picture, they would give him a monkey. Sam obliged. Apparently, you are supposed to hold this giant banana in the picture as well. I don’t think Sam was a big fan of the prop.

From October 2010

Is that picture not hilarious?! We received a little banana shaped piece of paper with instructions on how to download the picture. I finally got around to checking it today and so I posted it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!!!