Today was a busy, sleep-deprived day. We had to get ready pretty fast this morning so my mom could get to her BSF class in Slidell. Sam fell asleep on the way over there so he and I sat in the van in a Wal-Mart parking lot so that he could sleep and I could read. It was super relaxing.

After BSF, we at lunch at McAlister’s before taking me to have an eye exam. When we lived in New Orleans, I signed up for a great money saving eyecare club program through America’s Best. I got 5 years of free glasses and contact lens exams for one price. Well, when we moved to WF, I discovered there are no America’s Best up there. Therefore, I haven’t been able to have a free eye exam lately. About a month ago, I decided that I would use this club benefit while down here so I made myself an appointment. Now, I don’t have to use my vision insurance benefits to pay for the exam and could just use them for contacts. Sadly, for the first time since 9th grade, I will have to always buy two boxes- I now don’t have the same Rx in each eye. 😦 Bummer! However, I have my prescriptions and can order my glasses and contacts online and save TONS O’ MONEY! YAY!!!

On the way home, Sam fell asleep again. My mom and I saw a hawk so we stopped for me to try to snap a picture. I had to crop the picture to make the bird big enough to be seen- he wouldn’t let me get any closer. 😦

From November 2010

After dinner, we went to church. Now, Sam is asleep and I am headed there. I am TIRED!