I got this idea from my friend Beth’s blog and thought it would be a great feature to have on our blog as well.

I have created a page on this blog where I will keep an updated wish list for our various family members (even Peeper!) for anyone who is interested. I will definitely keep the clothes, shoes, socks sizes updated for Sam as those constantly change for our big boy.

I have played with various online list things and I have found that most of them are just too complicated for other people to easily find/navigate/login to that they just never really worked well.

On our lists, I have included links whenever I thought it would be helpful to know what I am talking about- or to show a specific color that we (read “I”) would like. I hope this helps- now you don’t have to spoil the surprise by asking us what we would like. You just secretly view our lists.

The list is located in the blue bar up top- right beside the word “Home” and is appropriately titled “Wish Lists”. All you have to do to check it out is click on those words and it will take you to that page.

Have Fun!