Our church had its Hanging of the Greens service last night. There was no childcare for the service, so Sam was with me in the sanctuary. I am an adament user of a harness (aka leash) when we are out in public and I need Sam to stay close by- he has a tendency to run off when he gets excited and LOVES to play chase. Anyway, I had him leashed so he could only go a short distance away in the pew with me. He did GREAT! I took a video of him during the first song. He was enamored. After each song, he would look at me and do the sign for “more” but then when the narration started he would speak “no.” It was funny. I made a SHORT video of Sam listening to our music minister sing “O, Holy Night.” When he realized what I was doing, he wanted my iPod so I hid it and he finished listening to the song. Too cute!!