Sam played with his train tonight after he got dressed for bed. Thankfully, he let me make a short video. He tends to “change his mind” when he sees me recording things lately- that stinker! Anyway, here is another video of him playing with his “whoa whoa” (what he calls trains- his version of the sound that a train makes.) We got him some extra track so that the middle could be big enough for him to sit in. He likes doing that but, alas, did not do it tonight.

In other “big” Sam news- he knows his letter sounds!!! We think this is a pretty big deal. Maybe it is normal for talking two year olds to be able to tell you the sounds that each letter makes. We like to think it is EXTRAORDINARY that you can ask Sam for the letter by telling him to get the letter that says “guh guh guh” (aka- letter G) and he will do it!! He threw 23 of his letters on the kitchen floor this afternoon and when he and Travis were cleaning them up, Travis would make the phonetic sound and Sam would find the letter- 90% of the time he got it on the first try! The letters were all jumbled up on the floor and Travis randomly picked letters. All 23 were correctly placed on the refrigerator and some even got a repeat of the phonetic sound from Sam (B, S, M, A, O, T, H, P, D, G, and Y.) Even though he still doesn’t say a lot, it is obvious he is soaking everything in that we are teaching him (and loving LeapFrog’s “Letter Factory” DVD is definitely helping with his letters.) He can also draw with his finger the letter M when you tell him you are writing his name and he sees the S and A side by side. He “draws” it and says “mmmmmmm” at the same time- so cute!

I hope you enjoyed the video and Sam update.