I saw this idea from The Amazing Mess and thought it would help me out a bunch.
1- It gets my menu off my computer where I can “conveniently” forget to check it
2- It keeps me from having a large post-it note with the menu written on it that a certain two year old enjoys pulling down and doodling all over… sometimes to the point that I can’t read what I wrote.
3- It helps Travis know what we are eating that week and make suggestions for future weeks.
4- It helps me satisfy my desire to craft.
5- It helps me with my desire to have a yellow and red kitchen.

Of course, numbers 4 and 5 are the most important reasons why I did this. Everything else was just lagniappe. Ha Ha!

Anyway, our menu is now displayed on our fridge for all the world to see! I printed out labels with the stuff that I have made since Sam was born (yes, I’ve kept record- on my computer) that was successful AND that he ate, if applicable. I stuck the labels on cute scrapbook paper, adhered magnets to them, and then organized them on the fridge. Now, when I make my menu, I just move the magnets around to the appropriate day/group and it is finished! If there is something that Travis wants to eat, he just pulls that food out of its group and places it below the current week’s menu. Then I will know to include that in next week. I LOVE my new menu and have had a ton of fun doing this.

Here are various pictures of the final product…

From January 2011

This week’s menu…kind of. I have since made a few changes when I realized I didn’t have any extra hamburger meat to do the Mini Shepherd Pies. Bummer!

From January 2011

All of my labels. Yes, there are a lot but I have the following categories: Bread, Breakfast, Crock Pot, Dutch Oven, Main Meals, Sandwiches/Wraps, Side Dishes, Snacks/Desserts. As I do new stuff I will add labels to the appropriate categories. However, I really think that is going to mainly apply to just the Bread, Dutch Oven, and Snacks/Desserts categories. I pretty much recycle through all the others.

From January 2011

Just one last view of the entire front of our fridge/freezer.