Once I upload the pictures from my camera to my computer, I will actually post a blog with more details. However, I wanted to share this video so I will give a bit of background…

Yesterday, I made a reusable shopping bag from an old t-shirt that I never wear. When I was finished, I took pictures (shocker) and while I was just goofing off online, Sam crawled up in the chair beside me, took the lens cap off, turned the camera on, and started snapping away. Some of them were really cool- most were very blurry. I will post them tomorrow, hopefully. Anyway, I thought I would make a video of our little photographer. It is cute.

*Side note- sorry the music is so loud. I was standing right beside my laptop and was listening to my “favorite songs” playlist. In case you are wondering, the song being played is “Grace” by a group from SC called Silars Bald. I LOVE their music and LOVE that my best friend, Lauren, was able to hook me up with several CDs while I was living in Alabama for college. Thanks, Lauren!!!