We are “supposed” to get a little white stuff tomorrow night. This prediction did NOT influence my need to go grocery shopping. I had some coupons for Cheerios, Sam needed milk, and meat was on sale. When we got there and I realized how little we would actually be buying, we let Sam push his own little buggy. HE. LOVED. IT!!! However, the picture below makes me laugh- he really looks like he is checking out his groceries to make sure he is stocked up for the weather. While we were in the meat section, Sam noticed the dairy section and took off sprinting towards the milk and cheese- all while pushing his little buggy. It was HILARIOUS!!!!

From February 2011

Some items he tried to put in the buggy- salami, MULTIPLE boxes of Cheerios (we only bought 2), and strawberry shortcake glaze. Thankfully, we didn’t accidentally walk past the Krispy Kreme donuts display!!

I love our silly boy!