I am going to share his big events in reverse order. Tonight, Travis was getting him ready for bed and was about to put his nighttime diaper on. Sam was lying there and started to pee pee. Travis got him to stop and asked if he needed to go potty. Sam replied that he did so off to the potty they went. Instead of putting him on the little IKEA travel potty (you can see a picture of that here– I am not willing to post that picture just out in the open on the blog- it is G rated though) we’ve been attempting, we put him on the actual toilet. Our toilet seat has a kids’ ring that stores via magnets in the lid- no extra inserts needed! It is similar to the one pictured below.

He sat up there and we asked him to “make juice” (what he calls pottying- we don’t know why.) AND HE DID!! TWICE! He “made juice”- stopped- and then started back again. He did blot himself with toilet paper when he finished but that technicality can be worked out later. For now, we are just ELATED that he potty-ed. This past week at MOPS, I was told by several moms that if I just wait for when he is ready, potty training will be a breeze- hopefully that is what has happened. Especially, now that he knows/understands what reward awaits him for pottying- pennies for his piggy bank!!! Now I need to round up all of our pennies. What a great problem to have!!

In other news, this morning I had to mail something and so Travis sat in the van with Sam while I ran in the post office. When I came back, Travis informed me that Sam can read and then showed me. I then pulled out my iPod and had them repeat it so I could share. Please watch- it is cute and just shows off our smart little boy.

Way to go, Sam!!!!