The three words of the title of this post represent the highlights of today. It was a semi-random day but it has been a good day.

It started off with Sam going to the dentist for the first time. I KNOW that he was “supposed” to have gone when he got his first tooth. But, really? We brush them twice a day and he doesn’t eat a lot of sugar. PLUS, I never could find a dentist up here that would see him until his vaccines were up-to-date. I am still wondering about those parents who don’t vaccinate at all. Do their kids teeth just fall out? I doubt it! ANYWAY… he did pretty well at his visit. He did NOT like the straw sucky thing. At first, he didn’t want the dentist to stick the little mirror in his mouth but he was OK with it once she started. The funniest thing was the fluoride treatment. He had a choice between having the fluoride painted on his teeth with a paintbrush or wearing the foam duck thing for a little bit. He chose the duck thing. I chose to take a picture.

From February 2011

Tee hee!!!

After we left the dentist, we went to the NEW Harris Teeter to kill some time. I picked up a 16-pc California roll to split with Travis for lunch. Sam picked up a cupcake. Well, not really- he picked OUT a cupcake and the baker boxed it and off we went. It was huge! It was of Mr. Wuff, NC State’s mascot. Sam met him a few months ago at the pink football game we went to. He LOVED him- especially since he is a dog and Sam is “slightly” obsessed with dogs. Anyway, this is what it looked like before it got out of the box and into Sam’s belly.

From February 2011

The first bite…

From February 2011

Near the end of the icing he determined that a spoon would work better…

From February 2011

I also decided to make a video- why not? It’s not every day you get to eat a GIGANTIC icing mascot. 🙂

Tonight, for supper, I actually cooked fish. I do not cook fish at home because of how the house smells for days later but I decided to do it this time. It was tilapia so it wasn’t super “fishy” and I broiled it in the toaster so it was also very healthy and YUMMY! Sam ate an entire piece! Here is is his plate…

From February 2011

Yes, that is ketchup. I didn’t have any tartar sauce and so Travis and Sam dipped their fish in ketchup. I ate mine plain- which is what I normally do anyway.

While waiting on the fish to cook, Travis and Sam had fun dancing in the living room. Last night, Travis got Sam to say “ICE ICE BABY” except it was coming out as “ICE ICE BOBBY”- HA! Today, it has been “ICE ICE BEEBA” and Sam has been saying it a lot! He wanted to dance with Travis and that is the “song” they danced to. Please ignore Peeper- he is a staunch Southern Baptist dog and doesn’t approve of dancing.

I also am working on uploading some videos from my purse camera that have been on there since November. YIKES! The first one is done and so I am posting it below. Sam loves to watch a TV show called Postman Pat. It is a British kids show and so everyone has British accents and refer to things in British terminology. It is really cute. Well, for some reason, one day the show was dubbed in Spanish. If you watch their lips, you can tell they are speaking in English but you only hear Spanish. It was cracking me up!

The last video that I am uploading is over 7 minutes long. It is from the children's museum in Gulfport, MS. It is taking FOREVER to upload so I will probably post it tomorrow night. Surely, this post is long enough to keep everyone entertained until then. :)