We went to a consignment sale this morning at the Outlet Mall in Morrisville. I was able to score Sam some “new” (some really were new- tags still on) clothes for the Spring and Summer. My favorite outfit is this red and white Hawaiian shirt and shorts combo. I will try to remember to take a picture to share on here- it is so cute!!

After I finished shopping the sale, we ate lunch at the Food Court. Travis and I had Greek food and knew that Sam wouldn’t want what we ordered so I got him some Chinese. Gotta love the flexibility of the food court. 🙂 Anyway, I ordered him a small order of fried rice and a small order of chicken and mushrooms. What I didn’t realize is that the chicken and mushrooms were spicy- they had red pepper flakes in them! I tasted a mushroom and it was fairly spicy to me. I told Travis that I think I left my spicy taste buds back in New Orleans. Did that bother our little Boudreaux? Not in the least!! He demolished his meal- only leaving some of the rice. Below is a picture of his meal- the bowl really was small. When I saw the picture on my computer I left at the impact of distortion on his bowl- it looks HUGE! So, trust me… it was small. 🙂

From February 2011

After lunch, we went to the RDU Observation Park. It is this neat, FREE park located on the airport property. It was MAYBE 5 minutes from the mall where we were so it was a no-brainer. At the park, they have an observation tower so you can watch planes land and take off, play runways for the kids to run on, a SMALL playground (you don’t really go there to play on a playground anyway,) and speakers that play what the air traffic controllers are telling the various pilots on the runway in front of you. They also have picnic tables and bathrooms but we didn’t take advantage of either of those. Sam LOVED it! Travis enjoyed reading about the different planes and features and such of the airport. I loved watching the planes take off. I recorded some video footage with my iPod. When we got home, I played around with the new version of iMovie on my computer and made a “fancy” video. You should watch it- it is kinda of cute.

By the way, Sam is FINALLY starting to repeat lots of things we say. He doesn’t really come up with them on his own but will repeat things we say. Just today, he has repeated:

Ice Ice Baby (except he says Beebah)
Thank you, Mr. Bill (yes, he said ALL of that)

We are sure there are others but we can’t come up with them right now and since it is bedtime in our house, I am going to finish this and head there myself.

Good night!