Since upgrading to my desktop iMac, we have realized that I can no longer just pick my computer up and move it to the kitchen while I am cooking (which I did with my Macbook.) A couple of times, I have just made the recipe take up the entire HUGE screen of my desktop but, my vision isn’t THAT good (even with glasses) and so some ingredients and directions were difficult to read from across the dining and living room. Therefore, I have to print my recipes and take them to the kitchen for easy reference. While I would rather not have to print them, this does work and will be what I do for the time being. Well, I haven’t been able to locate a convenient place for my recipe that is easily viewable while cooking without having to constantly be moved during the food prep process. A couple of months ago, I taped my various bread and dough recipes to the inside of the cabinet above my stand mixer and have since discovered that I LOVE having them hidden yet always accessible. However, I don’t like the fact that a cabinet door has to be open the entire time I am using the recipe- cabinet door corners hurt when you bang your head on them. Not that I would know anything about that though… 🙂 Therefore, I’ve been brainstorming some more ways of using my cabinet to aid in recipe holding. Last week, I finally came up with an idea but we didn’t act on it until today. If you have the cheap-o contractor grade cabinets with the really thin piece of wood in the middle of your cabinet door you can totally do this. If not, your wood will be too thick. This is what you do…
1. Head to a local home improvement store and buy some really strong magnets (at Home Depot they are located with the screws- aisle 10 in WF) and a flat electrician mending plate (yeah, I don’t know what that is but that is what we got- it was $.84 and is located near the lumber at the HD in WF)

2. Figure out what cabinet will be used. For me, it is the corner cabinet since that is what I face while prepping meals.

From March 2011

2. Come home and attempt to hot glue the metal plate to the cabinet because the wood is too thin to hammer or nail in a way to mount it to the backside of the cabinet.

3. Realize that your hot glue isn’t going to be strong enough because the plate keeps falling off.

4. Use scotch tape and tape the metal plate to the back of the cabinet. It will look kind of like this…

From March 2011

5. Then because you have an awesome hubby who also bought a knob, hot glue the knob to two magnets. You won’t have to glue the magnets together- they will stick (duh!)

6. Once your knob/magnet combo is done, stick it on the outside of the cabinet door over where the plate is. If you think you can just use a refrigerator magnet, you will be thinking wrong. We tried that last night and therefore, Travis made a second trip back to HD to get strong magnets. When it is holding a recipe, it will look like this…

From March 2011

Woo hoo!! I am SO EXCITED. We also installed one on one of the cabinets above my stand mixer so that new recipes using the mixer can be up out of the way too. Eventually, I will stain the knob so that it matches our cabinet. I just need to locate my stain. Also, my recipe is actually a full piece of paper folded in half so it will hold at least 2 pieces of paper, if needed.