From Our Wedding

Today, March 22, is our 8th anniversary. In honor of that, and because my gift to him is back-ordered, I decided to make a list of 8 things I love about my husband. I am going to TRY to make these not focused on how he is such a super dad but that might be hard- it is definitely an integral part of what I love about him. Anyway, here goes…

1. He loves me and reminds me of that often.

2. He explains “deep” theological and philosophical concepts so that my concrete mind can understand them better.

3. He humors my obsession with college football just as I humor his obsession with watching baseball on TV. I would MUCH rather watch it or any other sport in person.

4. He likes weird shows thus, causing me to learn random facts about things I didn’t really knew I should care about. For example, station wagons in England are called “estate cars.”

5. He has always been there when I have needed a good shoulder to cry on or vent at.

6. He didn’t get grossed out when I threw up during labor. However, he did keep the ice chips away from me after that point.

7. He humors my decorating ideas and, most likely, helps me tweak them so that the idea is actually much better than what I started out with.

8. He is my own personal giant Harry Potter. 🙂

And, because it is my blog and because I want to have one to “grow on”…

9. He loves God and that is all I need to know! 🙂

From March 2011

I love you, my Giant!!!!!

and because I am silly like this… when we said “til death do we part,” we really meant it- check out how we left our wedding…

From Our Wedding

From Our Wedding