From March 2011

… not because it is of the cutest 2.5 year old in the world but because it has a watermark on it!! YAHOO!! I have been wanting to watermark my images for awhile without having to open Photoshop. Finally, tonight I found a plug-in that lets me do it in iPhoto ’11. I can only do one photo at a time right now but, once I have enough money saved up ($15- not really a huge amount… HA!) that I can register my copy and then do bulk watermarking. WOO HOO!! My pics will look more professional (according to Travis once you get paid to do something you are a professional and seeing as how I’ve done a family shoot and two weddings I guess that is what I am) AND will help me avoid people stealing my pics and doing stuff with them.

Background on the above pic- we took Sam’s Easter pictures today. I took two outfits because I couldn’t decide which outfit I wanted to make the “official” Easter outfit. Obviously, this is one of the outfits but I am not telling which outfit we ultimately chose- you will have to wait until Easter morning for that.

In even BIGGER news… if you are a Dandridge friend reading this, you can find out what outfit we chose IN PERSON! That’s right, folks. The Wrights will be at FBC Dandridge for church Sunday morning! To say I am excited would be a HUGE understatement right now! We haven’t been to a church service there since Easter of 2009 and haven’t physically been there since June 2009. That is TOO LONG! We tried to go for the Christmas morning service this past Christmas but that started their month-long (or that is what it seemed like) snow fall. Hopefully, it won’t be snowing at Easter.

Steph 🙂