I love finding great deals and today has been a super successful one in my opinion. The first “deal” was this morning. I have been looking for a high quality backpack for Sam for a few weeks. I originally had decided up getting one from Thirty-One but, after talking with my mom I was reminded of the amazing warranty that comes with LL Bean products. Therefore, I have been browsing their backpacks the past couple of days. I had decided upon getting the Junior Original Backpack in Royal Blue. It is normally $25 with monogramming running another $6. After you calculate in shipping, it was going to total $35. Honestly, I was fine with that because I knew that he would outgrow this backpack before it would fall apart. However, before I ordered it I googled “LL Bean Coupon Codes” to see if there was anything out there. Lo and behold, I found SEVERAL free shipping codes AND a link to another Junior Original Backpack that was on clearance for $9.99!!! You can click on those underlined words to go see the backpack I am talking about. I checked it out and LOVED the color- they call it “Lake” but where I live it is refer to as Carolina Blue. (Small aside- have no fear, I am not changing teams- I still bleed red and black (UGA) and orange and purple (Clemson)… I just love this shade of blue.) I was skeptical that I would be able to use my free shipping codes on clearance stuff but it worked!! Therefore, for $15.99 TOTAL, I was able to get a beautiful blue backpack monogrammed and shipped to me for free! Lesson to be learned here: ALWAYS google for “_____ coupon codes” before ordering online you never know how much you will save. I saved $20 today!!

At MOPS last week, coupons were passed out for Chez Ami clothing at their outlet store. I love “fru fru preppy” boy clothes but they are DEFINITELY not in our budget. All the ones Sam has worn have either been given to us or I’ve gotten them at consignment sales- they are EXPENSIVE! Their outlet store is only open at random times and today started the current “sale.” After Sam’s nap, we headed down there to check it out and see if they really discounted their clothes as much as I had heard they did. I was not disappointed! In fact, I was so excited I greatly wished I could’ve spent $20 more because then I could have gotten a couple of cute shorts & shirts. However, I controlled my excitement and walked away with two outfits. I am now torn between one of them being his Easter outfit versus the one we have decided upon. I think I might change my mind… and since I am the mom, I have that right. HA! Anyway, I got a one-piece shortall for $8.40 (normally $46) and a button on suit for $5 (normally $55.) The two pieces would’ve cost $101 but I paid $14.44 after tax!! I saved 87%!! WOO HOO!! Here are pictures of the two outfits…

From March 2011

The outfit above is the shortall. These are my favorite kind of clothes to dress Sam in. Sadly, I am realizing that his shortall days are coming to an end. Therefore, you will probably see him in this one a lot this summer just so my heart can smile at the cuteness one last time. 🙂

From March 2011

I know that sometimes my taste in nice clothes for Sam can be classified as “weird” and Sam will probably disown me when he is older because I bought him this one. However, I LOVE this and love how they look kind of “old timey” but modern at the same time. Sam had one previously that my Mom #2 (hi, Mrs. Rose!) bought and he wore it until I couldn’t snap the snaps over his diaper! HA!! This is the one I think I might switch to for Easter since it has an Easter “feel” to it. Also, I want to wear it a lot early in the summer because I am sure this will be the first of the two he will outgrow. I love the design of the outfit but the part that sold me is the collar- here is a close up picture of the back of the sailor collar…

From March 2011

Simply precious!! Besides, Wal-Mart can’t beat $5 for a brand new Easter outfit! It will even match his new backpack. HA HA HA!!

Anyway, I have been so excited about my “deals” that I felt that I needed to share. Tomorrow, we are going to go to the WF consignment sale but ONLY to see if they have any other shortalls that will fit Sam. He has “normal” play clothes- I am looking for dressier, cute church clothes.

If it is pretty out Saturday, we might go have another photo shoot at the seminary, or some other pretty floral place, to get pictures in these new outfits. I am such a goofball. 🙂

Check back tomorrow night though for some pictures and hopefully a video of Travis playing the seminaries version of faculty/staff intramural basketball. It should be quite entertaining!!

Steph 🙂