In my never-ending quest to make our cleaning products, we now have homemade “Febreze”! It works great. Gather these ingredients:

From March 2011

1/2 cup white vinegar
1.5 cups water
15-20 drops of an essential oil of your choice (I chose lemon)
spray bottle (I got 2 at the $ Tree and split the recipe between the two)

Combine the above ingredients together and pour into your spray bottle. Voila! Cheap EASY Febreze.

I have been using it several times over the last day or so- mainly in Sam’s room. For some reason, even though #2 diapers are NEVER stored in his room, his room reeks of #2 for hours after a diaper change. Yesterday, I sprayed my homemade Febreze after his diaper change and his room smelled vinegar-y for about 5 minutes and then the smell was G-O-N-E!!

I have recently started cooking fish at home- something I said I would never do. However, I didn’t plan on having such a fish loving son. I plan on using this the next time I cook it so the smell doesn’t linger.

This is great stuff and is safe for use around kids and pets. Obviously, you probably wouldn’t want either drinking the concoction but if it accidentally gets on them it will be OK. It is also safe to spray on fabrics. Woo hoo!!!

Steph 🙂