I have become quite addicted to reading Cooks Illustrated magazines. However, they are quite expensive (~$6-7 per issue, I think) and so I do not own very many individual issues. But… my uber-amazing husband bought me the 2010 Annual for my birthday this year. They ran a special where if you buy one at a discounted rate (I think it was around $25,) you also got the 2009 Annual!! Two years worth of the magazines all bound together so I don’t lose them for about the price of me buying 4 magazines! GREAT DEAL!! I was so excited! I have been reading them and learning some random cooking facts and picking out recipes to try.

Travis has been wanting me to make the Chicago style deep dish recipe (Jan/Feb ’10, pp. 14-15) for quite awhile. I actually found this one when I got the “Best of 2010” magazine in January. Anyway, I have been putting it off because I couldn’t make the dough in my bread machine. Silly reason, I know but, it is hard for me to find 3 hours of time that I can work in the kitchen sans Sam.

Next Saturday is Travis’ birthday. I originally decided that I would make it for his birthday dinner. However, when I was looking at my calendar I realized that we would actually be at a wedding that afternoon/evening. Therefore, I would need to do it today while Travis dealt with Sam.

It was VERY time intensive. However, it wasn’t too labor intensive. I mixed the dough and then let it rise for 45 minutes. Then I rolled it out, spread some butter on it, made 2 dough balls from the big batch of dough, let each of those rise for another 45 minutes, then “dressed” the pizzas and baked for 25 minutes. During the second rising session, homemade pizza sauce was made (it is also on pp. 14-15.)

This was an AMAZING pizza! Since it made 2 9-inch pizzas, we have lunch, or supper, for tomorrow already made. Yahoo for an easy Sunday!!

Now as your reward for reading all of this, here is what the finished product looked like. Please wipe the drool off of your chin. Tee hee!

From Food

Happy (early) Birthday, Travis!!!!

Steph 🙂