Last week, I noticed people appearing to be making a movie at FBC Wake Forest. When I asked Travis about it, he was clueless. However, later that day he received an email stating that there was indeed a movie crew in town filming a Christian movie. The email also requested that anyone interested in being an extra in a revival scene to go to a certain local park on Friday at 7pm. We decided that that would be a really fun Friday outing so after supper we headed to the movie set.

When we got there, we had to stand in a line so that we could fill out the form giving our permission to us, or our likeness (silly movie jargon), in the movie. We also learned that the movie is called DESTINY ROAD. We don’t have any idea when the movie will be released though.

Once we filled out the waiver, we then were instructed to just hang out in front of the stage in this big grassy area.

From April 2011

We ran into a friend of ours, Sandy, and she and Sam set off in search for an adventure. HA HA!

So, while Travis and I were hanging out sans Sam, I recognized a local praise and worship “celebrity”- Matt Papa as he walked past me. He is a SEBTS student and his wife and daughter live super, ridiculously close to us. Anyway, I knew Travis wouldn’t have a clue who he was (other than his name) so I pointed him out to him. I then took a picture- HA! He is the guy in the white shirt on the stage.

From April 2011

By the way, the only reason I know where Matt Papa lives is because one of our youth was telling me about going door to door inviting people to church and he wound up at his house. HA HA!

They still weren’t set up when we got there so we were able to watch the guys set up lights, cameras, etc.

From April 2011

Eventually, Sam and Sandy made it back to us.

From April 2011

Yes, Sam convinced Sandy to let him play with her iPhone. Unbeknownst to her, Sam was erasing her camera roll in one of her apps while we were taking this picture. Thankfully, the pictures were backed up in another folder as well so they weren’t completely gone- whew!

Travis and I had a good laugh because Sam had a dirty diaper when they came back and Sandy said he told her “Me Ice” and stood super still but, she didn’t realize he calls poop “ice”- our crazy little guy. Needless to say, we quickly made a trip to the bathroom to properly dispose of Sam’s “ice.”

As it was getting later and later and they still didn’t look ready to tape, I started getting sillier and sillier. Here is a picture I took of Travis and I.

From April 2011

I don’t know if they were setting up a souvenir booth as part of the movie or if this was so the “extras” could have a chance to buy Matt Papa stuff. Regardless, a souvenir booth was constructed behind us.

From April 2011

Once 9pm arrived and no taping had occurred, we packed up and went home. I later asked Sandy how much longer she stayed and she said she stayed through 4 takes, a break, and then some more takes. We just couldn’t convince ourselves that it was worth it to keep Sam out that late- even if the next day was Saturday. When I was changing Sam’s diaper in the bathroom a lady told me that she had heard they were planning on shooting until 3am! YIKES! You should tell “extras” that type of information so they would know that small children should probably not come. Anyway, apparently they were waiting on it to get dark to do the filming. They were testing the lights on the stage when we left.

From April 2011

I hope we get a chance to see this movie. We are assuming there will be some announcement since it was filmed in various places around Wake Forest. Who knows? All I know is, I am not a movie “extra”-type of girl. I don’t have the patience.

Also, please forgive the picture quality. I didn’t take my big camera because I assumed that photos and videos would be frowned up on on a movie set. Therefore, everything was shot with my iTouch which is not too great in low light situations. Regardless, it helped to record our memories and allow me to share them with you all. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our brush with stardom- almost. πŸ™‚

Oh, and if you are interested in finding out more about DESTINY ROAD, click here to go to their facebook page.

Steph πŸ™‚