Today Travis turned 34. Happy Birthday, Giant!!

This morning, our super busy day started off at the early morning hour of 6:30. I really hope this is a phase that Sam is going through but, for the last week or two he has been getting up uber-early (like between 6:30-7:30) and then being tired all morning. He used to sleep until 8-8:30am, until we returned from our Tennessee trip. Hopefully, he is just still adjusting to not sleeping in a hotel bed and once that finishes he will go back to sleeping in. I feel like a zombie. HA!

Anyway, since Sam got up so early, we were able to go to Brigs for breakfast. Since it is Travis’ birthday his meal was free! Sam ate off our plates so we were able to eat breakfast at a nice breakfast place all for the price of my breakfast (and I even ordered water to help offset the cost- woo hoo!)

Once we finished breakfast, we went to the WF library’s book sale and found Sam a cool lift-a-flap book for $1. THEN, we went to a friend’s house and checked out her yard sale stuff. She was selling an older model leap-pad for $5 so I got that and the books and such to go with it. Sam and Travis played with it tonight and if we can convince him it is more fun to actually interact with the books instead of the cartridges, I think it will turn into a fun educational toy for him.

After the yard sale, went to Meet in the Street in downtown Wake Forest. It is a GIGANTIC street festival with arts/crafts, games, fundraisers, food, and other such things. Sam enjoyed himself. The hospital he was born at was set up with their mobile critical care ambulance and you could look in it. They were also giving kids star tattoos. Sam wanted one so she put it on his hand…

From May 2011

Sam thought it was a really cool “sticker”… for about 10 minutes. Then he wanted nothing to do with it and wanted it off and got very frustrated that he just couldn’t peel it off. I managed to scrub it off with a baby wipe though. However, once it was off, he wanted another one and then cried because we wouldn’t go get him another one. Ladies were giving him balloons and toothbrushes to try to console him and he didn’t want any part of it. Being two is so much fun- HA!

Thankfully, we saw a mascot and so that completely fixed Sam’s “horrible” morning. 🙂

From May 2011

Next, we went down to this mobile police “thing” and got ID cards made for Sam. It was HILARIOUS watching Sam interact with the policeman who did his cards. Somehow or another, the officer asked same something and basically, when Sam replied “yes”, he was saying that he had been in jail. So the officer was then asking him questions about it. It was TOO funny! Apparently, Sam was a bad prisoner because when the officer asked if they let him go outside and play he said “no.” We were in the “trailer” with some friends from the seminary and their two kids so we were all just cracking up at our “little criminal.” Once everything was said and done, we walked away with a big card that has all of his fingerprints on it, his photo, and “stats” AND two wallet-size cards with his photo and a thumbprint on it.

This is what they look like (sorry for not taking a picture of the back of the little card- basically it is a thumbprint and a bunch of words, so nothing real earth shattering…)

From May 2011

We quickly came home, ate a super fast lunch and then we all took short naps. We left the house at 2:30 to head to Clayton, NC for a wedding! The youth minister when Travis was a youth was marrying off his eldest son today. It was only about a 45 minute drive so we went to support them and see Joel marry Elizabeth…

From May 2011

The reception was catered and was held in the fellowship hall. The food was VERY “yummy” (to quote Sam.) After we sat down, Travis went back in (we were out on the patio) to get our drinks and came back with a fancy dessert-

From May 2011

only it wasn’t a dessert. It was mashed potatoes! I was very impressed and took a picture, obviously. Then I found out that Travis created it. He couldn’t find a plate or bowl to put it in, so he grabbed a dessert glass. He then “dressed” it himself. It looked fantastic and tasted amazing. I think I need to get me some Dollar Tree dessert glasses and have him make fancy mashed potatoes at home. 🙂

Although the picture conveys a different message, Sam really did enjoy the food- especially the meatballs and cheese.

From May 2011

We hung around for a few more minutes and then headed back home. On the way home, Sam figured out that he could sit indian-style in his car seat. He was so proud of himself!

From May 2011

We stopped at Chick-Fil-A to grab a small supper and let Sam run off some energy in their playground. Then we came home, straightened up/washed dishes, changed into our PJs, put Sam to bed, and now I am headed there once I finish this post.

It was a very fun day but it was a VERY busy day. It was also a good birthday for Travis. He told me that today was fairly uneventful with regards to the birthday-ness of it (his gift from me is sitting in a FedEx facility in Raleigh- I will blog it later) but that that was OK since it was only his 34th. I guess 35 needs to be more eventful so I am glad that I have a whole year to plan for it. 🙂

Goodnight and Happy Birthday, again! I love you, my Giant!
Steph 🙂