*Warning: the pictures aren’t very clear- I really didn’t think I would have a chance to take pictures so I didn’t take my good camera.

Sam’s friend, Ari, is taking soccer lessons and his mom invited us to join them Tuesday for a free trial class. Sam had a blast!! Immediately upon arrival, he was running around laughing and kicking a soccer ball. I was quite impressed with his kicking skills. I have a video that I will share at the end of this post so you can check out his “skillz.”

Like with all sports, the first thing we did was stretch. Then we ran back and forth across the soccer field- sometimes we ran slow, other times we ran fast, and sometimes Sam had a ball to kick. Then he lined up along the wall and learned how to “trap” the ball- stop the ball and keep it in one place by putting your foot on top. He then got a super squishy ball and did various things with it- lay on it, sit on it, walk with it between his legs like a penguin, hop while holding the ball with his feet, and jump and let the ball bounce off his head. Then they kicked bubbles. It was at this point that I decided to try to take a few pictures. Again, sorry for the blurriness- little kids are FAST! HA!

From May 2011

Ari had the kicking of the bubbles down pat. Sam- not so much… he ran around popping with his hands.

From May 2011

Then we played with a parachute. Sam played with a parachute for the first time when we tried a Kindermusik class a couple of weeks ago. He loves them and had a blast again during this class. Then the kiddos had some free play for about 2 minutes before they had to help Coach Mark clean up. Sam loved helping to clean up the soccer balls.

From May 2011

I was wondering if Sam was actually too young for this class- all the other kids were noticeably older than Sam so I asked Coach Mark about it. He said the class was for 2-3 year olds and that parents are involved in this one. When Sam turns 3, he can go to a soccer class where the parent just stands on the sideline to provide “support/encouragement” as needed. Well, our 2 year old was the tallest kid in the class- HA HA HA!!

Here is the video I took. I just showed it to Travis and he was very impressed with Sam’s kicking skills.