I want to document a few funny things that Sam has said TODAY. If it seems to be a jumbly sentence, I will translate in parenthesis afterwards.

“Nice boy mall A-BOD!” (The nice boy at the mall says ALL ABOARD!)

“Mema and Papa two garage door” (Grandmama and Papa have two garage doors)
(By the way, he tends to bob his head side to side when he says this like he has a little attitude.)

“Me wewhoa car blue garage door” (I want a yellow car with a blue garage door)

“Garage door UP”

“Garage door DOWN”
(can you tell he is currently obsessed with garage doors?) 🙂

(He has a piece of chicken inside his hands…)
“Bumble bee… bumble bee… bumble bee… BITE!” (he eats the “bumble bee”)

“Teeya shhh…” (His tortilla is asleep- aka wrapped up)

“Teeya WAKE!” (He lifts the flap and opens his tortilla)

“Peeper my house” (Peeper is at my house)

“Night” (it was dark out)

“Day” (he wanted the sun to be out)

“Cross” (Travis asked what he colored during AWANAs)