I haven’t documented oure dinners on the blog in awhile. Therefore, I took a picture of my menu “board” tonight to share with our little group of faithful readers. Enjoy!!

**Note: click on the picture and you can see it bigger and thus be able to read the labels**

From May 2011

On Saturday, we will be going to Red Robin at lunch for a graduation party for a girl in our Sunday School class. That night, we will be with some other friends so that Travis can play RISK.

Sunday, we typically eat out either lunch or supper and then do leftovers for the other meal for that day.

I think all the other days are self explanatory. Our lunches will be sandwiches unless we have left overs but, according to my E-mealz menu the Mexican Pasta Skillet is the only one that will make more than 2 or 3 servings thus giving us leftovers.