This first video is of Sam’s “first” piano lesson. I talked with a friend last night who teaches piano lessons and she gave me some ideas of things we can do for Sam until he is older and better able to handle weekly piano lessons. Travis and I have definitely noticed that he has a talent for music and so we are trying to support that. Therefore, Travis had him repeating simple patterns on the keyboard last night and I managed to get a video of it.

This morning, Sam and I went to the movies to see “How to Train Your Dragon.” In an attempt to have a little fun, Sam got to pick one of his dragon PJs to wear to the movies. He chose to be a “deadly nadder”- which I had no idea what that was until this morning. HA! Anyway, that is why it looks like he is wearing PJs in the video below- he is! Now back to the video, Travis was telling him that he had to leave and go pick up “Charlie Harvey” from the airport and Sam decided he really liked saying “Charlie Harvey.” HA HA! Dr. Harvey, was one of Travis’ professors at NOBTS when he was working on his MDiv and now he is one of the new faculty at SEBTS. Anyway, he had to fly back into town this morning and so Travis had to go to the airport to pick him up. After he left, I got a video of Sam talking about his daddy, Charlie Harvey, the airport, and work. Enjoy!