I decided to surprise Sam with a trip to Jumpin’ Beans this morning. I’ve been a bit hesitant in going during the summer since the “big kids” are out of school. However, this morning I thought it would be fun to just check it out and see what it is like on a summer morning. We got there a little before 10:30 and there were 4 kids in one jump house and 2 in another! Size-wise, Sam was right in the middle and age-wise, he wasn’t too far from being the oldest. Perfect!! So, while I created our grocery list, he “hop hop”d. He jumped for almost an hour and a half! It was so nice! He would run out every few minutes and drink a sip of water and then run straight back in. The majority of the time, he was the only kid in his jump house, and he liked that. He climbed, punched, ran, and jumped until his little toddler heart was content- and tired. πŸ™‚

Here is a cute video that I made. He was so proud of himself for figuring out that he could “fight” the inflatable sticks that he normally just climbs over. While I was recording, I felt like I needed the Rocky theme song to be playing but, I don’t have that song so you can just sing it in your head. πŸ™‚

I wish I could predict the future because if that was the case I wouldn’t have stopped videoing until about 5 seconds later. He climbed off the red stick, punched it hard enough for it to kind of fall over and bounce back. When it bounced back, it smacked Sam in the face and knocked him to the ground. I laughed so hard. It was hilarious.

He did learn why you don’t climb up slides while we were there. He fell and landed on his fingers awkwardly and got upset. While he was sitting in my lap calming down, I let him eat the “gummies” I brought with us. While he was doing that, I snapped pictures of his sweaty head. He is SOOOO my boy. πŸ™‚

From July 2011

From July 2011

After that, we ate lunch and then came home for naptime. Whew! What a fun morning!