fixed my can opener for me last week. I am so thankful! Several months ago, Travis gave me a gift- a cabinet mounted can opener. I picked it out and everything. HA! I was/am in the process of cleaning off counter space to make my kitchen more organized and efficient. Getting the can opener off the counter was super helpful. However, what was NOT helpful was that our contractor-grade cabinets have a lip on the front and therefore, the can opener couldn’t be mounted flush with the front. Therefore, I had to use it without being able to take the blade off to thoroughly clean it. Don’t get me wrong- I did keep it clean… I wiped it down after each use and scrubbed as best I could. However, when I made a pie last month, I had to open a can of condensed milk- after it had boiled for 2.5 hours to make caramel. I ended up with a mess on my hands and Travis had to unmount the can opener so that the blade could be removed and the caramel be cleaned off of it and the rest of the can opener. He bought a scrap piece of wood at Home Depot and has been figuring out the best way to re-mount the can opener without having to drill MORE holes into the bottom of the cabinet. He finally decided on a plan of action and did it last week. I am SO glad my can opener is back on my cabinet but I am even more glad the blade can be removed!

From July 2011

Here is a view from the side. Travis was adamant that I get a side shot to show his handiwork. HA HA! 🙂

From July 2011

He cut away part of the wood on the front, screwed the can opener to the wood and THEN screwed the wood back into the cabinet through the same holes it was previously in. He kept trying to explain it to me but I couldn’t figure out how the holes were going to still line up so I just told him to stop and fix it. HA HA! I am so glad he did!! I have an awesome husband.