I have been using my fridge magnet menu organizer for several months now. Just for reminders, this is what it looks like…

From January 2011

However, with my celiac diagnosis exactly two weeks ago this menu set-up just wasn’t working for me. I don’t want to have to completely print new labels every week. I know that one day I will have enough celiac/cooking knowledge to revamp current recipes to make them work for me. However, I am not there yet.

We did a craft at a MOPS meeting this past year where we made a dry erase weekly menu. The concept was ridiculously easy and could be uber cheap or uber expensive- it all depends on your frame choice. Well, I needed uber cheap BUT I also wanted something that matched my current trend of yellow/red in the kitchen. It just makes the place so much more fun to be and since I am there A LOT now, I need all the “happy” I can get. Hee Hee!!

The paper I used is from the “book” of scrapbook paper I got to do the fridge labels. I really like them. The frame I chose came from Target. It was part of a 2-pack so after I made my menu frame, I still had another matching frame. All week, I’ve been pondering what to do with it. It is red and so the only place it would ever end up in our house is in the kitchen- I have this “official” rule in the house that all of our frames that hang on the wall MUST be black. I still have a few that aren’t but as I find frames I like, at a price I like, I will replace them. Well, today I had an epiphany about my second red frame. I can use it as a grocery list maker! This week, I’ve been discovering things I need to get because we are out of them and I keep forgetting to input them into my iTouch Grocery IQ app. Forgetfulness has been rampant on my part since the celiac diagnosis- I am ALWAYS thinking about what I can/cannot eat and forgetting other things. HA! Therefore, I think this will be a lifesaver. Here is what they look like…

From August 2011

Since they are both in the kitchen they are both convenient AND I can always grab my grocery list as I walk out the door (it is right beside the door) and enter them into my iTouch as we’re going down the road. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be the driver in this case. 🙂

Just for a cost breakdown, here is what I spent:
Out of Pocket Total: $4.99 (used my Target Debit so it really was $4.74)
I am not figuring in my scrapbook paper because I already had it and have used enough of it to not feel the need to configure the cost of it.

So, for the low price of $5 (plus tax & cute paper, if needed), you can have cute matching menu/grocery lists!

Again, my apologies for the lack of posts. See above mentioned new-found forgetfulness if you need to be reminded of the reason. Things are getting better and so hopefully I will get more posted soon.