Like I said earlier, I am having forgetfulness moments right now and that applies to my photos as well. I simply forgot to take photos on 3 days of this week. Oops! Oh well…

8-6-11 After our first GF shopping trip, our bag of bulk quinoa got a hole and some spilled out on the floor, the cooler it was traveling in, and our counter. Oops!

From Project 365 (2011)

8-7-11 Oops! It was Sunday so we were at church.

8-8-11 We had to go to the vet and pick up more heartworm meds for Peeper. Sam LOVED playing with this kitty and, thankfully, the kitty loved Sam as well.

From Project 365 (2011)

8-9-11 Our first night of sitting out on our porch after Sam goes to bed. Sooo relaxing!

From Project 365 (2011)

8-10-11 Sweet CeCe’s makes Sam’s silly dragon face come out. HA!

From Project 365 (2011)

8-11-11 (Oops #2) Sam went to his last summer session of Story Time at the WF library. He really enjoyed it this summer and kept asking to see “Weeze” (aka Louise- the lady who leads his age group.)

8-12-11 (Oops #3) Sam got to visit my Aunt and Uncle for a couple of days. He had a blast.