So, since Sam’s speech has significantly improved over the last few months, I’ve started working on Scripture memorization with him. I made a video of his first verse this morning- Colossians 3:20 “Children, obey your parents…”

Right now, I am not focusing on the entire verse just the main idea. Also, I wasn’t sure if he would clearly understand who his “parents” are so he says “mommy and daddy.” Over time, we will continue to add to the verse and get to the part about it pleasing God. I do stress, however, that when he obeys/disobeys it pleases/hurts God. I think he is getting the point though because this morning he got more sad each time he disobeyed and I reminded him that he was making God sad, too.

Anyway, here he is saying his verse. He made me laugh at the beginning because he was being funny and saying other people’s names that he should obey- including my cousin’s dog, Lucy (sounds like Woosby.)