I promise I am not going to just post celiac-related info on our blog. I will get back to sharing what is going on in our family shortly. Currently, this is the main thing going on in our family- dealing with celiac and it’s implications. For example, today after driving home from a speech eval, Sam spies a Pizza Hut and CLEARLY states “me go Pizza Hut for lunch.” I was so proud of him for saying that- I’ve never heard him say Pizza Hut so clearly. However, it made me sad when Travis said we couldn’t eat there because it would “hurt Mommy’s tummy.” I can’t exactly walk in and order a hawaiian pizza sans dough. HA HA! That would be ridiculous! Plus, I don’t know if this one had a lunch salad buffet and even if it did I would be very hesitant just because the salad is right beside the pizza and who knows who’s grubby gluten coated hands had messed with the never all that great looking salad fixings. Anyway, that short story is to provide light into what is going on in our family right now.

The following links are for me to reference later, if need be. Feel free to check them out, they are very informative.
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All of these came from The Gluten Free Homemaker’s blog.