When I posted our menu for this past week, I stated that I would try to post pictures and such this weekend to share how some of the meals turned out. Therefore, that is what I am doing as my last thing before getting ready for bed. Here goes!

GF Blueberry Muffins

From Food

Critique- These are still yummy and I still really like the substitution of almond extract instead of vanilla extract.

GF Giant Chocolate Chip Muffins

From Food

Critique- These are very good, too. However, the next time I make them I will make them in a batch of 12 regular size muffins instead of 6 giant muffins. They are just TOO big. I am also wondering if this is why my stomach has been acting weird lately- I baked them in glazed stone flower pots and so I am wondering if there was a contamination issue. Travis thinks my potential contamination would be with the pizza we ate later in the week because it was baked in an unglazed stone pie plate this time. Anyone have any thoughts on the use of stones by celiacs? Is it OK to do or do I need to avoid it? I would love to replace our stones so that there aren’t any questions regarding cross-contamination but we can’t afford to do that just yet.

GF Granola

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Critique- I keep reading that celiacs have to be careful about the oats they eat and that some will still have problems even with uncontaminated oats. I have also (since trying these) read that new celiacs should wait awhile before trying them to give their intestines time to adequately heal. I KNOW that I cooked uncontaminated oats and there was NO RISK of cross contamination because I was redonkulously careful about my preparation of these. However, I still had problems and was miserable after eating one before church Sunday night. 😦 Therefore, on Monday morning Travis went to work with a pyrex dish of 14 granola squares. Everyone at work LOVED them and he brought home an empty dish that afternoon. I REALLY enjoyed the one that I ate. Sadly, I wished my gut enjoyed it too. Before I completely write off oats, I am going to wait a couple of months and try it again. At least I won’t feel like I wasted the ingredients since Travis can easily distribute them at work. 🙂

L- GF Lo Mein

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Critique- it was very good but VERY salty. The only GF soy sauce that I’ve been able to find is not a low sodium version. I am still on the lookout for a LITE soy sauce and have a brand (La Choy) but I just haven’t found it in stock yet. Once that change is made, it will definitely be even more yummy. It made a lot- I ate it for lunch 3 times!

S- Baked Eggplant Parmesan

From Food

Critique- I can’t think of anything I would change. These were phenomenal/amazing/perfect! This has been my most favorite new GF food so far.

L- Lo Mein and BEP leftovers
S- Welcome to Moe’s!!!!

Critique- I was behind a lady who ordered a “homewrecker streaker” and as we got further down the line, Travis asked her what the “streaker” part meant- no tortilla! Up until this point, I’ve been ordering a chicken rice bowl whenever we go and it has been kind of frustrating because it is expensive ($7.50ish) but the rice bowls are the only GF meal on their menu. Well, now I know that I can order my favorite little Joey Jr. “streaker” and pay for the much cheaper meal and still be OK. In fact, I did it today(Saturday) on our lunch outing to get out of the house. WOO HOO!!

L- Lo Mein leftovers
(this should finish it out)
Critique- it DID finish it out. Whew!

S- Lemon Chicken w/ brown rice

From Food

Critique- This was ridiculously yummy too. The chicken is fried in a wok and so I think maybe the next time I will try baking the chicken to make it a bit healthier (and to avoid smoking/smelling up our house.) Sam loves lemons but apparently this was just a bit too lemon-y for him so maybe next time we can reduce the lemon juice a bit (it was the juice and zest of 2 lemons) so that it isn’t as strong.

L- Lemon Chicken leftovers or Sandwiches

Critique- we didn’t eat leftovers this day. We ended up at Red Robin for lunch. I have now learned that our Red Robin is VERY celiac friendly- our waitress actually joined me in the booth and went through the various GF items and explained how things were cooked. I really appreciated that. Thankfully, my favorite burger is GF as long as I get it “protein style”- with lettuce for the bun instead of bread. Travis split it with me and used a coupon for a free appetizer so he could get a bit more food. He and Sam shared some onion rings.

S- GF Deep Dish Chicago Pizza (ham and cheese) & veggies

From Food

Critique- the above picture is of my first attempt at a GF pizza and so it wasn’t quite the same as the one we had this past week. This week it was a ham and cheese one. I used twice the provolone cheese slices on the bottom this time and that was perfect. However, I poured too much spaghetti sauce in and so the pizza was ridiculously runny. Regardless, it still was enjoyed by all three of us.

L- Pizza leftovers

Travis had the pizza leftovers. Sam had the Red Robin leftovers (grilled cheese.) They both also shared some more onion rings from RR. I had the lemon chicken leftovers and they were still delish.

S- Meatloaf Muffins & hashbrowns

From Food

From Food

Critique- Again, these were very good. Instead of doing hashbrowns, I had found a ratio of quinoa and water for cooking in the rice cooker so I thought I would give it a try. Needless to say, we had a very protein-y supper. The quinoa was good and it made a TON so we will be having some more tomorrow and I am excited about how we are fixing it tomorrow. It should be yummy. I wouldn’t change anything about the meatloaf muffins. I think the next time I cook quinoa from scratch, I will replace some of the water with some type of stock- it is pretty bland.

L- Stovetop Mac & Cheese
(my first attempt at “GFing” a non-GF recipe)

From Food

Critique- This was a success- although we actually had it for supper tonight. Sam kept asking for more “macky neese” so I am pretty confident he liked it. I followed my non-GF recipe exactly except that I used a GF noodle instead. It was very yummy. My recipe actually calls for 1/4 tsp of red pepper flakes and I tried those this time- I wasn’t a fan. It is still good but I could tell when I found a pepper flake because it would have this strange “wang” to it. I could also tell when Sam found a flake because he would have a coughing fit and drink a lot of water. HA!
S- Spaghetti & Veggies
Critique- Like I just said, we had the mac and cheese for supper. We also finished off the meatloaf muffins.

L- Meatloaf Muffin leftovers

Future critique- we will be having what we’ve always called our “barley meal” for lunch tomorrow. You saute barley (we will be using our leftover quinoa) with a little soy sauce, green onions, mushrooms, and ground beef. The barley version is SO GOOD and since the flavor of the quinoa reminded me of barley, I am anticipating that this will be good as well.

S- Wendy’s!!

BIG CRITIQUE OF THE WEEK- I need to be more diligent about getting some veggies in us. Since my first week of going GF took a BIG portion of our grocery budget for this month (food, supplies, storage containers, etc.), I’ve had to be really cheap on our meals since then and have been mainly fixing stuff I have in our pantry. However, I have figured out that my frozen veggie stock is dwindling so I need to get some more and cook them. Apparently, we lean towards being a “meat and potato” family.

Sorry if I bored you by talking about our food. Again, I think this will be useful for me to have some accountability (not that it isn’t too hard to convince myself to eat at home now- 😦 ) but for me to look back later and see just “how far” I’ve come in my GF cooking. I just have to keep telling myself it will get better and it is better to be a celiac in this day and age instead of 10-20 years ago. I just still feel like a prisoner to my kitchen and, the thought of socializing with people over food away from my house scares me- I might bring my own personal meal to our church covered dishes to heat in the microwave. I have also contacted our pastor to find out what the ingredients are in our Lord’s Supper bread and juice because I keep reading on other blogs that those can cause problems because the bread usually contains wheat/gluten and the juice sometimes contains a gluten derivative. My pastor and I even joked that I might have BYOB (bring your own bread) Lord’s Supper from now on. 🙂