I have been trying to find out how to remove any gluten residue from my various stones ever since I found out about the celiac diagnosis. I FINALLY “googled” the right word combination today and read in a forum about people who put their stones in their oven on a self-clean cycle for 30 minutes. Apparently, that high of a heat setting destroys the gluten particles and thus makes the stones usable again for a GFer.

Therefore, I set about to “clean” my stones during nap time today. The smell was atrocious! My eyes were burning so bad that I took my menu planning stuff onto the front porch in the blazing heat. Apparently, Travis and Sam never noticed it until Travis opened the bedroom door. Eventually, I was tired of sweating profusely outside so I went back in. Immediately, my eyes started burning again. I took clothes out of the dryer and folded them and thought I was going to pass out while doing so. I attributed this to the possibility that my blood sugar had dropped (which happens if I go too long without eating- nothing too major though) and was exacerbated by the fact that I was HOT. I got a Larabar and sat on our bed, under the ceiling fan, and ate my snack while finishing up the menu for the week. I started feeling better. Whew!

At this point, the smell was so bad that we left the house. When we got home tonight, the smell was/is still there and my eyes hurt a bit but once I took the stones out of the oven, the burning sensation went away. WOO HOO! However, now I am left with another problem- that of wondering if I am now going to have to buy new stones? Check out what the look like now…

From Project 365 (2011)

Yeah, they are charred black. It is gross. We are experimenting with my smallest one by soaking it in the sink overnight to see if I can scrub the charred-ness off tomorrow morning. If I have to buy new stones, I will just have to do it slowly. I am trying to make myself not feel too bad about it though because if the baking in the oven didn’t work, I would’ve had to have bought some new stones anyway so I could GF bake on them. However, I still would’ve had my old ones for Sam’s chicken nuggets.

Tonight, my online research has been related to the fact that they have turned black. I keep finding over and over again that when people’s stones, Pampered Chef or otherwise, turned black they would throw them in the oven on a self-clean cycle for an hour and they would come out looking almost brand new. What in the world? Mine baked for 45 minutes and then sat in the oven as the oven cooled for another 4 hours (at least) and they are no where close to looking “brand new”. Ugh!